Attract, Train & Retain Program


Through getting to know our candidate’s as much as possible, we enable ourselves to create a tailored service that brings the best possible outcome. This leads on to high success rates and a unique individual service. With over 40 years of experience in hospitality, business, training and education, we provide access to a large network of industry contacts to assist in our candidate’s future.

Attract – Reputable employers to our candidates

Attract– Candidates for our reputable employers

We work hard to understand every candidate and their best pathway forward within the industry. With this information, we open opportunities to our candidates in line with their expectations and capabilities, further enhancing successful outcomes within employment.

Train – Employers to utilise and benefit from our tailored process

Train – Candidates to become an integral and valuable team member

We value training, mentoring, coaching and development as a key part of our candidate’s future. With a suitably skilled candidate, the employer can be confident that there is external support and an identified training pathway for their new employees.

Retain – Employers for key positions and future growth

Retain – Candidates in employment for security and development

Having a retention strategy in place to retain employees that have been invested in is a key area of importance. We maintain transparency and contact between all parties when required to problem solve and reduce risk management of staff turnover and support both employee & employer.

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