Employer FAQ’s

What is the Job Ready Program?

The Job Ready Program (JRP) is a four-step employment-based skills assessment program that provides international student graduates with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and job readiness in an Australian workplace, relevant to their nominated occupation before they apply for migration in Australia.

The JRP provides employers with an opportunity to employ enthusiastic employees with Australian trade qualifications.

What is Trades Recognition Australia (TRA)?

TRA is the relevant skills assessing authority for nominated occupations under the Migration Regulations 1994. It provides skills assessments for tradespersons wishing to migrate to Australia.

What skills do the participants have?

Participants must:

  • hold an Australian trade qualification completed in Australia
  • have some work experience relevant to their nominated occupation
  • have secured employment in their nominated occupation
  • hold a visa that allows them to stay and work in Australia for up to 18 months

What does the participant need to do in the program?

The program requires the participant to:

  • demonstrate their trade skills in an Australian workplace
  • undertake at least twelve months of paid employment
  • work under the supervision of a suitably qualified person who has industry knowledge and experience in their occupation

What must the participant do?

It is the participant’s responsibility to find appropriate employment.

Employment may be with more than one employer, or a longer period than 12 months.

The total employment must be not less than 1725 hours.

During employment, participants must:

  • complete quarterly progress reports listing the tasks they undertake in their workplace and the tools and equipment used.
  • undertake an independent workplace assessment in their workplace to determine whether they are successfully operating at the required skill level for their occupation

What is the Employer’s role?

Employers need to be able to:

  • provide the participant with appropriate trade level work under standard employment arrangements
  • nominate someone skilled in the occupation to supervise the participant
  • read and sign-off the participant’s quarterly progress reports every three months
  • allow an assessor from a TRA approved training organisation to carry out a workplace assessment in the workplace

What assistance does TRA offer?

A TRA Liaison Officer will:

  • contact the employer to make sure the workplace is suitable to provide opportunities to demonstrate skills in a range of tasks for their occupation
  • provide support to both the employer and the participant

Why employ a JRP participant?

Participants are keen to work and prove that they have what it takes to contribute in the Australian workplace.

How do employers find someone to employ as part of the Job Ready Program?

JRP participants may approach employers seeking employment.

Employers can contact Chef Skills Victoria to discuss their requirements through registering interest on www.chefskillsvictoria.com.au

*Participants are employed under normal employment arrangements. Employers are under no obligation to retain employees.