Leslie Austen

I’ve been fortunate enough to have built a fantastic business relationship with Barry. He has
consistently always gone above and beyond for me and my needs. I couldn’t recommend them or
him more highly.

Mike D

I have used Chef skills for many different venues across Melbourne. The quality of staff
recommended was of a very high standard and I have always been happy with the staff I’ve been
provided. Communication with Chef skills was top notch and they understand the different skills
different venues need and are more than successful in listening to the directives I set. Overall very,
very happy to recommend.

Joshua Tirant

I have been lucky enough to have known and worked with the guys behind Chef Skills Victoria for
many years. Not only are they great Chefs, but now they are connecting upcoming superstars to
Regional establishments which we have trouble getting our hands on. With a good brief, they will
discuss your exact needs and send you candidates to trial as soon as the next day in some
circumstances. Well done guys, love your work!

Michael Newberry

I wasn’t aware there was a service of this type available until an ex-work colleague told me of her
success in using Chef Skills Victoria to get entry level chefs into her café.
My experience was similar to hers in that I managed to get 2 absolute guns who have progressed
with me (even through this Covid period) and have been a magic fit for our team.
I highly recommend the CSV team and will continue to use them as our first option for Kitchen
staffing needs.

Marcello Fazio

My experience with Chef Skills Victoria was super beneficial, as interviewing, hiring and the overall
recruitment process is one of the toughest challenges in a modern kitchen. Having a more
streamlined approach with a company of professionals that know what we need in any particular
situation means you have people trialling that are purely applicable to you with the skills that you

Cristopher Sutphin

It was a seamless process dealing with Barry and staff. They were always within reach to answer any
questions and make sure everything went smoothly.
I would fully recommend Chef Skills Victoria to employers and employees alike. They provided fast
and efficient results and were a pleasure to work with. I will definitely look to them in the future.