Our Story

Our Story

Through living and breathing the hospitality industry for the last few decades, we have a passion in its successful future. As our eyes are very open, we know this success is greatly contributed to by International Students who enter and hold up a large range of positions and functions within the industry.

Our focus is on investing our time in giving opportunities by bridging the gap between students and reputable hospitality establishments within Victoria.

Together, we feel we can provide an invaluable service to International Students, employers and the Victorian Hospitality Industry, resulting in lasting employment, successful growth of skills and an inclusive and diverse working culture.


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Successful Outcomes

Early days

Our founder of Chef Skills Victoria and all-round ‘good guy’, Barry (often called Baz), who was born and bred in the wonderful country of New Zealand. Here he grew up with the vision of wanting to be a chef from age 10. Through focus, perseverance and creating opportunities, he found himself at 18 years old as a Sous Chef of a large family restaurant in Wellington. Aiming high, he continued his journey through the culinary world which took him through countries such as Canada, England, Holland and Spain.

By 28, he had landed in Melbourne and began to start-up and successfully run various restaurant opportunities. At 35, an opportunity was presented to Baz to get into the education sector, further utilising his knowledge and skills gained without the back-breaking years in the kitchen. This then became the next adventure and continued for the next 3 years.

Continually looking for the next inspiration, a light bulb moment occurred, where there seemed an incredible opportunity to connect industry and upcoming future superstars…… and BOOM! Chef Skills Victoria was born.

Where we are now

As a current industry leader in providing opportunities for International Cookery Students, we have created an approachable, supportive and solution focused company through our team, values and holistic approach.

By hearing and listening to the industry and our clients’ needs, we are constantly kicking goals in our approach and results, and in doing so, successfully connecting new team members to a wide range of gaps needing to be filled.

With ongoing support for both businesses and students, we have a constant growth in our network which has become what we like to call ‘sticky’ which means they stay with us and come back for more. We thrive on this.

Where from here? Well let’s just say once we have Victoria all covered, we will branch out to other states who will have us. Let’s do this!