Thank you for the opportunity you have given me in finding a regional employer to fit my 491 Visa
requirements. I couldn’t believe how quick and committed you were to my needs. I had sent many
resumes off and received no contact back. With your recommendation and assistance of updating
my resume, and then me following your process, I am in a solid position with an excellent Head Chef.
Lots of gratitude for your assistance.


Thank you to the team at Chef skills Victoria.
I came to you for help to complete my Vocational placement required for my Certificate III in
Commercial Cookery. You managed to organise an establishment which not only taught me so much,
but I have now been offered a Commis Chef position moving forward. Your service and support have
meant so much and I will be definitely recommending you to my friends.


I am incredibly grateful to Chef Skills Victoria for all the efforts they made from the start to find a job
for me. They guided me through every step and helped me to find a job suitable for my Job Ready
They also helped me settle into a new place with a fresh start. I highly recommend them.
Thank you guys!


Chef Skills Victoria is not just a job-finding agency; it’s the best pathway to permanent residency for
any hospitality student.
When I contacted CSV after finishing trade school, they laid the whole foundation towards my PR
and my career as a chef.
CSV will not just find you a job; they also keep in touch with you to check your progress in your
career, they even liaise with owners/chefs to make sure each candidate is offered the best position
available in the kitchen based on ones experience.
I highly recommend any hospitality students get in touch with CSV who wants to get PR in Australia.


I am very grateful to Chef Skills Victoria for helping me in completing my JRP within 12 months. They
helped me so much. I highly recommend Chef Skills Victoria for assistance with the Job Ready
Program, and If you need any help, I urge you to contact them.


Chef Skills Victoria are fantastic.
It was hard to get into the industry because I didn’t have much
experience but these guys helped me to secure a job as a chef.
They also helped me with all the work related to my Job Ready Program.
They answer your phone calls and emails so quickly
that I did not need to worry about anything because I know these
guys are there.
Thanks, CSV for your help I love it and I will recommend you to others as well.


The Chef Skills Victoria team are great people that helped me through my Job Ready Program from start to finish.
They took care of all the paperwork required for the program, so all I had to do was complete the
hours and do the work.
Now I have a secure job as a chef in a reputable restaurant. They are very experienced people in the
hospitality industry.


From day one, Chef Skills Victoria did a fantastic job to help me through my Job Ready Program. They
introduced me to different kitchens until I found the kitchen that suited me. Because of their help, I
successfully finished my JRP, and I found a kitchen team that I love working in. Now I am working
with talented chefs, and I have started a new chapter of my career. Chef Skills Victoria are excellent in giving
advice and guidance in the hospitality industry. I love these guys!!!